Mining Consultancy

A. Financial

Provide financial evaluations

PSM provides comprehensive financial modelling and economic evaluation services for any aspect or stage of mining projects. From project exploration to mine closure, develops conceptual to detailed cost estimates and financial analyses for use in project feasibility studies, budgets, valuations, capital justification and reclamation accruals. Cost estimates are grounded in practical engineering and tempered with the perspective of years of mine operations and management experience.

Economic models and valuations

PSM develops economic models and valuations of many mining projects worldwide. Valuations have been provided for investment decisions, project financing, and dispute resolution. PSM has performed valuations based on:

  • net present value and internal rate of return estimates
  • analyses of comparable transactions
  • plant and equipment value and replacement value

Bankable financial models

PSM provides detailed mining project financial models to banks and other investors for valuation and sensitivity analyses. These models are based on mine plans and production schedules that reflect historical performance and results, if applicable. For new projects, PSM estimates are designed to be practically achievable based on the actual and likely geological and mining conditions associated with each project.

Economic analyses

For project optimization, equipment selection or capital justification studies, PSM will develop detailed economic analyses of practical available alternatives. PSM's economic studies focus on determining the estimated life cycle value of each alternative, including impacts on capital and operating costs, production and productivity.

Detailed Project and Operations Budgets

PSM develops detailed budget models of mines or mining projects for producers, cost-plus contract buyers and financial institutions. Most often, our budget models are zero-based. They are designed to accept annual labour and equipment work effort estimates from detailed mine planning exercises. Overhead costs, burdens and similar charges are based historical values or line item estimates. These are based on the best available information at the time of the budget.

Cost, Escalation and Productivity Studies

PSM conducts detailed analyses at mines to determine controllable costs, cost escalation, and productivity trends. Coupled with a thorough review of historical work effort records versus plans, these analyses form the basis for recommendations on contract cost escalation factors, controllable costs, and work efficiency and planning improvements to realize significant added value from operations.

Mine Reclamation and Closure Liability and Accrual Estimates

PSM provides defensible independent estimates and accrual calculations for final mine reclamation and closure. PSM's estimates meet the requirements of U.S. securities regulations including Sarbanes-Oxley. The estimates and accrual calculations are based on work effort and schedules required to fill and reclaim pits and all other mine structures that will remain when all production ceases from a mine area. PSM's estimates are thorough, detailed and fully documented.

B. Investment Consulting

Investing Wisely

PSM provides complete services for mining investment decisions. These services include:

  • Exploration programs & resource verification
  • Conceptual studies of mining, infrastructure, transportation & markets
  • Pre-feasibility studies & economic analyses
  • Competent/Qualified Persons Reports & NI 43-101 Technical Reports
  • Project valuation
  • Bankable feasibility studies
  • Detailed mining & development plans
  • Detailed due diligence of projects & mines
  • Strategic planning & organizational studies
  • Economic studies - mining alternatives, equipment selection, productivity improvements
  • Operations reviews, performance monitoring & productivity improvements
  • Mine restructuring studies & implementation
Be well grounded

PSM consultants have broad, practical industry experience in project development and mine operations. PSM's consulting solutions are grounded on deep capabilities in geology, mining engineering and economic evaluations. For nearly 30 years, PSM has constantly improved its tools and staff required for geological modelling, resource and reserve estimating, mine planning and economic modelling.

Get the details

PSM projects have included the full spectrum of investment decisions. From exploration programs through mine financing, PSM studies have been accepted by investors and financial institutions worldwide. PSM has also provided market studies, due diligence, performance reviews, and restructuring plans on industries, companies and individual mines.

Technical Reports

PSM routinely completes technical reports that meet the required standards for all major reporting agencies. PSM clients are delivered a timely, accurate and independent study that is then filed with the appropriate reporting agency. Clients of all commodity types, including coal, gold, and phosphates, have called on PSM to produce reaerve estimates, feasibility studies and due diligence reviews in order to complete the required technical reports.

C. Reputed Experts

Because PSM consultants are reputed experts in the many aspects of the mining industry, expert witnesses from our staff have been provided to clients - around the world involving:

  • Mine Planning and Operations
  • Mining Property Valuation
  • Coal Supply Contracts
  • logistics
  • Market research
  • Permitting
  • Land Reclamation and Environmental Compliance
  • Mine Health and Safety
  • Statutory compliances

PSM's expert testimony is grounded in fundamental, detailed geological, engineering and economic analyses that are key to resolving and explaining complex mining issues to judge and jury.

Decades of Experience

PSM's staff includes geologists, mining, civil and geological engineers, minerals economists, environmental scientists and professionals with graduate degrees and backgrounds in engineering, business, and law. Our senior consultants have deep practical experience and perspective on operational, technical and commercial issues encountered in the coal mining industry. Our technical staff is expert in leading geological modeling, mine design, planning and simulation packages used in the mining industry. PSM can fully develop and support expert witness testimony with extensive geological, engineering, and economic analyses and exhibits.

D. Mine Planning

PSM routinely performs surface mine planning studies that encompass all aspects associated with the investigation, design, economic analysis and resulting investment decision-making of potential mining projects for all sectors of the mining industry worldwide.

PSM's surface mine planning efforts normally culminate in the development of mining cost estimates based on the production statistics derived from the mine plan. PSM's surface mine planning projects may be in support of comprehensive feasibility studies or to assist active mining operations in identifying efficiency improvements for short- and long-range planning including the evaluation and selection of equipment utilized in the production sequencing and scheduling process.

PSM's results are generally presented in a comprehensive report that may be used internally for board approvals, management decision making, budgetary planning and project financing.

PSM's studies are geared towards identifying fatal flaws or technical deficiencies in data and approach, then recommendations for advancing a project into the next logical stage based on a cohesive, achievable and dependable result utilizing a team of talented geologists and engineers with a combination of practical operating experience and sound engineering principals.

E. Geology

Comprehensive geological services.

PSM's professionally licensed geologists offer years of mining-related experience and after reviewing client geological issues or problems, they provide innovative and viable solutions.

Geological Services
  • Exploration Program Design and Management
  • Construction of Geological Models and Reserve Estimates
  • Evaluation and Estimation of Coal Quality
  • Full-Service Geological Programs
  • Conduct detailed literature search of mineral deposits

Exploration Services
  • Exploration Planning, Exploration Licensing and "Lease by Application" Services
  • Surface and Underground Exploration Management
  • Overburden, Resource and Bulk Material Sampling Services
  • Surface and Underground Mapping Services
  • Remote Sensing, Photo-geological Interpretation
  • Design and Management of Geophysical Exploration Projects

Geological Modelling Services
  • Development of Reserve Models in Basic and Complex Geological Deposits
  • Detailed Geological Maps and Cross Section Graphics
  • Detailed Coal Quality Modelling
  • Detailed Burden Characterization and Modeling

Reserve Analysis
  • Comprehensive Resource and Reserve Analysis
  • Determination of Economic Reserves
  • Detailed Basin-Wide Comparison Studies
  • Geological Due Diligence Investigations

Mining/Geological Database Services
  • Detailed Drill Hole Analysis and Preparation Development
  • Implementation of Detailed Mining and Geological Databases
  • Analysis of Mining and Geological Data
  • GIS Services to the Mining and Energy Industries

Mine Operation Support Services
  • Geological Hazard Mapping and Assessment
  • Geological Hazard Mapping and Mitigation
  • Expert Geological Witness Testimony
  • Geological Consulting
  • Mine Dewatering Program Design and Implementation
  • Operational Product Quality Control Programs
  • Coal/Fuel Utilization Services.

F. Project Management

Increasingly worldwide...

Developers, governments and the public are evaluating mining projects to determine the overall cost-benefit of specific projects. Such analysis goes beyond the cost of building versus the benefit of project output.

Whether or not it is codified in law and regulations, environmental impact analysis has become a central part of this evaluation process. The '70s focus on local natural resources-only has grown up. Today, complex analyses of impacts on local natural resources must be integrated with an understanding of mine planning, economics and expected fuel costs under varying scenarios and global markets.

Strong effect

PSM applies Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to mine management and operations. GIS is a versatile tool that integrates spatial and numeric data, which can provide all the attributes of a specific piece of property, e.g., land owner, lease holder, county, township/city, previous uses, topography, roads, civil features, threatened and endangered species, watershed features and collected data (e.g., soil and water quality). By overlaying these data layers, relationships are determined and patterns recognized.

Permit This

Mine development and operation, , require acquisition of many various permits, e.g., mining, water rights, waste water discharge country-wide. PSM offers the required components of environmental evaluation and permitting from pre-mining fatal flaw analysis to site closeout and cleanup, including:

  • Fatal flaw analysis
  • Permitting strategy development
  • Baseline studies
  • GIS Services - Baseline Data Management, Compliance Monitoring, Site Assessment, Remediation Planning, Land Owner Tract Information
  • Permit acquisition compliance audits
  • Reclamation planning
  • Bond release
  • AMD remediation
  • Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments
  • Site closeout and clean up.

Range of services

  1. Mine planning and design
  2. Feasibility studies
  3. Benchmarking
  4. Procurement assistance
  5. Productivity improvement
  6. Mine re-grade and closure planning
  7. Mine safety consulting
  8. Mining systems and equipment selection
  9. Computer simulations
  10. Development planning
  11. Efficiency studies
  12. Due diligence
  13. Economic, financial, and valuation studies
  14. Risk analysis and assessment